Terms of cooperation affiliate program



  • MAKEUSSTRONG operates an online store, accessible via the website www.makeusstrong.eu (" Service ");
  • MAKEUSSTRONG offers benefits to entities that contribute to the increase in sales of MAKEUSSTRONG products, offered through the Website (" Products "), under the conditions described on the Website;
  • The Partner is interested in obtaining the status of "Partner" within the meaning of the terminology used on the Website, i.e. joining the Partner Program, characterized as part of the Website (" Partner Program ");
  • the intention of the Parties is to confirm the key benefits that MAKEUSSTRONG will provide to the Partner if the Partner joins the Partnership Program -

- The Parties enter into an Agreement with the following content

[Subject and Purpose]

  1. Without prejudice to the rules of the Affiliate Program made available through the Website, MAKEUSSTRONG confirms that if the Partner joins the Affiliate Program, the Partner will be entitled to:
    1. receiving a commission of 20% of the gross value of the Products ordered via the Website: by a third party who will use an individual link or code generated on the Website for the Partner to order the Product via the Website, after the Partner joins the Affiliate Program (" Commission ");
  2. The commission will be calculated based on the value of orders paid by the buyer and not refunded to MAKEUSSTRONG. Orders paid for but returned to MAKEUSSTRONG, on which the Commission was charged, will be the basis for a corresponding reduction of the Commission in the future, if the commission on the returned Products is paid to the Partner by MAKEUSSTRONG in advance.
  3. The condition for the Partner to obtain the right to receive the Commission calculated on Product orders made by a third party, referred to in paragraph 1 lit. and point (ii) is making
    and payment by the Partner of Product orders on the Website on its own behalf, in each calendar month starting from the month of joining the Partner Program, for the amount of at least PLN 90 (in words: ninety zlotys ) gross.
  4. If the Partner is not interested in paying the Commission or it is not possible to issue an invoice for the gross amount of the commission, the Commission may be used by the Partner for the purpose of purchasing Products on the Website.
  5. The Commission will be calculated by the 15th day of the month following the calendar month to be settled, and the Commission will be paid on the basis of a VAT invoice correctly issued by the Partner, for the gross amount within 7 days from the date of delivery of this invoice to MAKEUSSTRONG.

[Final Provisions]

  1. If any of the provisions of the Agreement turns out to be invalid or otherwise legally defective, then the Parties in good faith will agree in place of such a provision another provision that will be valid and not defective, and which will reflect the original will of the Parties as faithfully as possible.
  2. Any disputes arising from the Agreement will be resolved by the court competent for the registered office of MAKEUSSTRONG.