Trening bokserski - jakie ubrania wybrać dla maksymalnej wydajności?

Boxing training - what clothes to choose for maximum performance?

If you are a fan of combat sports and are looking for a way to improve your boxing training, then the right sports clothes can do a lot for you. The #MAKEUSSTRONG clothing brand specializes in the production of seamless sports clothes for men and women, it is well aware of the needs of boxers and other athletes who require clothing with the best technical properties. In our collection you will find seamless leggings, shorts, tops and t-shirts made of technical fabric that provides optimal ventilation, moisture management and guarantees perfect freedom of movement.

Who is boxing training for?

Boxing is a sport that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age and gender. In boxing training, apart from technical exercises, strength and endurance exercises are often used, which help to improve fitness and motor coordination. However, it is important to remember that boxing is a discipline that requires a lot of commitment and self-improvement, so when choosing this sport, you must be ready for hard work and dedication.

How to train?

Boxing training consists of many elements, such as punching bag work, sparring, strength training and cardio. To achieve maximum results in boxing training, motivation, attitude and the right clothing are important. We have a lot to offer in this area - the rest is up to you!

Why is the right training clothing important?

The right training clothing is extremely important as it can affect your performance during your workouts. Seamless sports clothes offered by Make Us Strong ensure comfort, freedom of movement and do not cause abrasions during intense effort, which is crucial during boxing training. The technical material used in the production of seamless sportswear allows for better moisture management and ventilation, which ensures a feeling of comfort during training. Women's seamless leggings ensure tightening at the waist, not only favorably emphasizing the figure, but also comfortably supporting the posture.
Seamless tops for women and seamless t-shirts for men are a great choice for every active person.


Boxing training is a great way to improve your physical condition and fighting skills. The session was made in cooperation with the Krzysztof Chudecki Boxing Academy in the studio in Swarzędz near Poznań. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer and start training!

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