Rok 2022 w #makesustrong - podsumowanie

Year 2022 in #makesusstrong - summary

The end of December and the beginning of January is always a time of summaries, planning and strong resolutions - we also decided to summarize last year by listing the most important events for us below.


As you well know, our products can be touched, tried on and, of course, bought stationary - in the well-known chain of INTERSPORT stores.
At the end of 2021, our products were only available in 6 locations, while we ended 2022 with our collection in virtually every location! Which only confirms that our projects are very well received by customers.

You can find a list of all the stores where you can find our stuff 👉 here

2. New online store

In autumn 2022, our new online store was launched. The old one was not as functional as the current one, which allows us to introduce many attractive promotions created especially for you! In addition, we have also worked on the photos and product descriptions so that they are as comprehensive as possible, and we have also improved the purchase procedure.

3. Change of style

In 2022, we have undoubtedly undergone a metamorphosis! With time, we also got carried away by minimalism, and our things became lighter and more universal.
We focused on more subdued, classic colors, simpler forms and a smaller logo.

4. New models

In spring, our two new models saw the light of day: Soho and Sunset Boulevard , which met with a very good reception from our customers - for which we thank you very much!
Certainly, these models will stay with us for longer, and in 2023 we will expand the range of colors so that every woman can find seamless leggings in her favorite color.

5. New employees

Our team has grown by 2 new people:
Nicole – studies design at the University of Arts in Poznań, and in #makeusstrong she is responsible for contact with our suppliers and graphically supports us in every idea we have.
Anna – for many years associated with fashion marketing, she is our E-commerce Manager, she primarily cares about the development of our online store.

The year 2022 was certainly good for us, we were very happy to see the development of the brand, but also the increasing awareness of Poles when it comes to physical activity.
We are looking forward to what 2023 will bring and we are quite well prepared for it - stay tuned, because new products are coming soon!

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